In This Issue of The Art of Collecting…

In the Editor’s Note, Tamara Hovhannisyan thanks the readers for inspiring her gallery work of the last 21 years.  She also confesses the fears and hesitations to publishing the magazine

In the article, “The Rules of The Golden Triangle”, Tamara Hovhannisyan describes the 3 main components for art business


In Woman with Rooster, Prof. Cristian Korn describes the technique, composition, and the Muses of Pablo Picasso


In the Artist Interview, Tamara Hovhannisyan asks Professor Korn questions about his sources of inspiration, his recent travels to the US, and his relationship with Collectors

In the Artist of Editor’s Choice, Tamara Hovhannisyan takes us into an existential journey between the real and surreal in the art and life of Professor Gagik Vardanyan

We welcome the poetic reminders of the innocent unity between man and woman, as presented in the art of Artist: Holly Wojahn


In Art News, the team of Collectors & Le Vernissage Galleries shares with the audience the news of The Armenian Ministry of Diaspora in regards to Tamara Hovhannisyan’s new book release: “I am a Woman, an Island”

Why do we search for Beauty? What is creativity and what Love has to do with it? These questions, and many others will be explored in the Philosophy Lovers’ Corner


Is technology an art form? If so, what is its artistic nature? Explore the relationship of art and Technology

Photographer Pete North.  Permission to publish image granted by Eventscape Inc.

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