Gegham Aleksanyan

‘In my art, I try to gather all the good and positive which has been lost in the course of civilization and give it back to the humanity.’ ‘The abstraction of lines and objects in my paintings aims to obliterate the physical meaning of the images; thus, taking my art adrift into the world of imagination.   This world is as real to me as the reality we physically live in. ‘ Gegham Aleksanyan

Educated at the university of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, in Armenia, Gegham Aleksanyan captures beautifully a woman in her innocence, the epitome of femininity.  His characters are not of this time, he carries in his veins an ancient tradition of portraying woman in a classical way, creative manuscript characters enticing, thought-provoking, endearing and memorable.

Gegham is very highly educated and is a member of the Professional Artists Union of Russia.  In addition, he has been the subject of numerous publications and prestigious exhibitions in Armenia, Europe and the US.

Gegham moved to the United States in 2004, where he quickly began to conquer the hearts of Collectors earning him a digital exhibition at Times Square as part of the Art Takes Times Square event held in 2012.  He has also attracted art publications such as Art Business News and last but not least, on March 16th, 2011, Artexpo New York recognized Gegham’s The Last Light as Artwork of the Day.