In This Holiday Season we give Homage to Infinity of Art & Creativity

With an amazing coincidence, almost before Christmas, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting ‘Savior of the World’ recorded an incredible result at an auction sale, causing amazement and confusion, leaving a new wave of worship towards art in the air.  Just like any extraordinary phenomenon, this one too spread dual influence and gave rise to various causal interpretations, flooding periodical and professional press. As a result, old and new opportunists rushed to purchase cheap and dusty creative nonsense, which will come to the arena later, to feed human greed with probable disappointment.

Meanwhile, a new wave of public opinion and mass attitude was formed, a rise of unprecedented attention and respect towards creative individuals prompting universal forgiveness towards their daily living deviations.  At the same time, a number of art lovers who have adopted sleepless nights and self-sacrifice as their true lifestyle, went out in search of their dreams, landing their ideas on canvas, hoping, that the eloquent silence entrusted onto the stretched canvas will ensure their living, long after them…

When feverish panic and unrestrained surprise finally leave the uneasy greedy market, a new revelation will find a new beloved creative hand and then a novel moment of miracle will appear destined to enrich the unknown of eternity.

It is not a secret, that the most delicate and rigid spectators of the complex process of creativity are not only experienced artists but also prudent and experienced entrepreneurs of the art market. They rely on their professional intuition, examine, and feel the pulse of the monstrous and demanding market. With unmediated devotion towards beauty, new names are chosen and sponsored, who later instantly become creators of beneficial playing cards in the ever-demanding art market.

Can we trace that constant respect in our reality? – It is a hard question.  Definitely, time will determine the destiny of the new rulers who are trusted the course of current global culture.

Now I will try to complete my thoughts, as they are restless like weeds that have found fertile soil, yet my aim was not mere reflecting upon extensive sudden sensations of buying and selling results in the art market.  But to complete a series of artistic essays, (portraits in writings), of those artists whose inner world was nourished by creative honesty enhanced with professional decency, giving me an enormous pleasure and undeniable privilege to know and work with them.

The first name in the series is that of an Armenian painter Gevorg Yeghiazaryan, who has already acquired a solid place in the international market.

 Soul Sharing by Gevorg Yeghiazaryan

During my lengthy experience in art business, I have witnessed a great number of sincere admiration and professional assessments of Gevorg Yeghiazaryan’s works, including eloquent comments from sophisticated collectors (whose feedback awoke a precious sense of national pride within me).

One can be obsessed with Gevorg Yeghiazaryan’s art due to the soulfulness of it.  The latest shared stunning collection proves that Gevorg is in the peak of his creative soul searching.  In fact, credits of this narrative go to the artist himself, since it has been inspired just by observation of the collection which I introduce to the reader without additional exaggeration and an unedited verbalization of his artistic insights.  Gevorg Yeghiazaryan’s works are immortalized conversations with souls, spiritual confessions done with the honesty of a child and the wisdom of an old philosopher.

Yeghiazaryan’s triumph of intelligence is shining in this remarkable collection.

Artist creates with thrilling honesty, and his works carry the unconcealed signature of his complicated personality, backed by sleepless nights, absolute scrupulousness imposed by the presence of undeniable perfection. These latest creations either separately or as sensibly assembled unity are works that allure museum exhibits.

There is cosmic sorrow in Yeghiazaryan’s characters, a silent concern for the world’s intricate fortune. It seems that the characters have come down from above to carefully inspect unhealthy delusions of our times, and to weep for the loss of values. Unreal alien eyes watch humbly the world from above, innocent as the artist’s soul, honest as his hand, and noble as his essence.

Probably, the irreversible reality that we encounter has resulted in the overwhelming toughness of concerns of our century. We are inclined to maneuver from realizing the consequences of our loses and are alienated from their artistic representations.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to perceive that valuable pieces of created art bear marks of deep thoughts and serious reflections.

Culture conveys personal as well as national affinities, and discussing precedents of their formulations is a topic for separate observations, again with a lot of secret unopened doors.

We will avoid discussing it here, but will still mention that the national culture of the land of Armenia that nurtured and resulted Gevorg Yeghiazaryan as an artist, was condensed in fables emerging from ancient times. Armenians withstood centuries-old sorrows by preserving the Light of Life through art. The indisputable existence of art inception in our national background, in our miniatures, in illustrations of our spiritual books and monastic inscriptions have become unlimited sources of inspiration for collective national artistic talent. Gevorg Yeghiazaryan is a privileged son with a huge shared of that talent.

Yeghiazaryan’s paintings are multifaceted.  They tenderly manifest both the old and the new, the melody and the silence, the heaven and the earth, the life and the dream, the body and the soul – peacefully combining “life within the finished creations”.  Artistic visions like rescued icons with hearty softness find their place on a piece of canvas. They live thoughtfully lusting for continuity like an old love, walking peacefully like light-footed partridges, or like graceful brides, depicted by a creative hand that was blessed by the heaven and the earth. This giving a nation a rebirth of hope on a rising star of national identity crowned with independence.

In Yeghiazaryan’s paintings the masterpiece of inception is revived. A human being is seen in all his powers and weaknesses, with tragedy of rushing between consequences of duality, yet depicted thoroughly. He realizes the place and the role of an artist and with inner confidence of the enlightener.

Symbols dwelling in Yeghiazaryan’s creations are carefully chosen. Seen are blooming lanterns, fine visualizations of the light of the soul. This seems to be created not with a brush but rather a soul, as if everything has been prompted from heavens. It radiates kindness, creative, and caring hands of the painter encompass sacred tenderness of his soul. Kissing souls in heavens resembling each other’s spirits and plunging into each other’s eyes; these are the symbols of the artist Gevorg Yeghiazaryan who himself can claim the embodiment of the creative spirit of the ancient nation of Armenia.

Collecting Art is The Noblest Pleasure

Tamara Hovhannisyan, PhD

Happy Holidays!