Jean-Louis Sebastien

A gesture, a movement, wind-whipped waves, the toss of a cape. Lush tropical beaches or the swift dodge of a bullfighter transport you to other lands, captured by Sebastien with the stroke of a brush or more often, a palette knife.

Life in motion is where Sebastien draws his inspiration. You feel the churning of the ocean more than see it. The vibrant colors sink in, and the action grabs you by your whole being and brings you to that moment in time. Somehow through this technique, you are wholly immersed in an environment with Sebastien’s oils.

Saturated colors adorn his still-lifes. Bright pinks and yellows inform the subject, so deep and vibrant you can smell the citrus, taste the fruit. Landscapes are but a feeling. Large oceanscapes engulf you with the multi-colored reflections of a tossing sea at tide-change, in the early morning or late afternoon when the colors dance across the entire subtle palette of pastel greens, cerulean blues, and dusky pinks. The florals are another mood, bright and dancing with deep purples, vermillion reds, and cinnabar greens.


Sebastien was born in Saintes in the Charente Maritime, France. He began exhibiting in the early 1970’s, and is the recipient of many awards and honors from French Salons. Sebastien’s provocative work resides in many private collections, and is published in three books. His paintings are displayed in several galleries across France, as well as the Collectors and Le Vernissage galleries in Carmel CA.