Marie Claude Valat

Let Marie Claude Valat take you into the dreamy landscapes of the French Provence. Her soft colors and tranquil mood transport you to the early morning magic of light and lines of fields and vineyards. The shapes of tilled land or tree branch take form against the gauzy backdrop of the horizon, filling your soul with the fresh air of France’s broad, fertile land.


Madame Valat captures her admiration and unconditional love towards the land, culture, and the country of her origin with the gratitude of a True Daughter of France earning global recognition and deep respect in professional circles.

*Member of Sociétaire du Salon de Artistes Français
*Student of Maryse Ducaire
*Massière de l’Académie de Peinture de Notre Dame des Champs in Paris
*Recipient of many prestigious awards
*Honored by French President Jacques Chirac as one of the Best Living Professionals of   Today’s Europe representing France.


The French Touch of Marie Claude Valat